Histories & Sketches

Following are links to various histories and/or sketches of the events, circumstances, and people surrounding the framing of the Westminster Standards. Lord willing, over the passage of time, large sources of information will be added here so that one may avail himself to an exhaustive study of the Standards. If you have any suggestions, please let me know by using the contact form found here.

A History of the Westminster Assembly Divines by William Maxwell Hetherington.

The Westminster Assembly Project – A vast amount of resources pertaining to the Westminster Assembly

Wikipedia Article on the Westminster Assembly – (bear in mind that Wikipedia’s are not always the most accurate ;)

The Westminster Assembly – Rev. Todd Ruddell, Dr. Kenneth Talbot, Dr. Bill Sullivan – A series of radio podcasts discussing creeds, confessions, the utility thereof, as well as some Westminster Assembly history.

The Westminster Assembly: The Importance of Puritan Theology
The Westminster Assembly: The Importance of Creedal or Confessional
The Westminster Assembly: The History of the Westminster Assembly

Do You Confess?